Financial Assistance at MCS RI


At Montessori Community School of RI we believe that finances should not be an obstacle to providing your child with a quality Montessori education. In fact, the first schools founded by Dr. Maria Montessori were created for families who could not afford childcare (you can read more about her history and philosophy here).  

For this reason, the MCS RI mission seeks to have a percentage of families receiving Financial Assistance, and a percentage of families receiving the DHS child care subsidy.

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance is determined based on need, funds available, and the number of applicants. Not all financial assistance requests will be awarded always. You must reapply for Financial Assistance each year your child is enrolled at MCS RI. Your child will receive notice of acceptance and Financial Assistance award simultaneously. To apply for Financial Assistance, please fill out this form and send it via email to or mail it to 73 Stanwood St, Providence RI 02907.

We determine eligibility using SSS by NAIS as well as our thorough Financial Aid application and required documents.

DHS Child Care Assistance


Families who are wondering if they are eligible for the DHS Child Care subsidy can access the Department of Human Services website to see the requirements and instructions for applying to the program.

You can find the forms you need for the application below. Our staff is happy to assist with this process! Once your eligibility for the DHS child care assistance has been determined and your case is active we will begin the application process. 

As stated earlier, we do not want your financial status to be an obstacle for enrollment at Montessori Community School of RI, so if you do not qualify for the child care subsidy, we will do everything we can to award you the financial assistance you need.



Financial Assistance Application

DHS Child Care Assistance Application - English

DHS Child Care Assistance Application - Spanish

DHS Child Care Assistance Application Instructions - English

DHS Child Care Assistance Application Instructions - Spanish